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Identifying Topic and Purpose of Your Domain

Difference between Domains and Websites


Actually, there is no difference between website and domain. The domain is basically the first step, after buying it, you need to do something with it to work for you. It is easy to say but hard to do, to identify the purpose and topic of your website. Not only as a website, your domain can be used for an email account, or for both.


If you already have plans and ideas on the table, about how your website will be like, skip this article. Read only if you have no clue but want to start a website business.

Following are some ideas to help you create the website of your choice.


Do you know there are billions of people on the Internet, and many of them own websites? It's a good thing, in fact, no need to limit yourself to something that hasn't been done, do something new, or you'll never get started.

Hunt Down Popular Things of Internet 
These topics are quite popular nowadays, any site related to E-commerce, Music, News, Socializing, Blogging are good topics to start.

-Write What You Like
If you are passionate about art or music and know a lot about it, you can build a website that's dedicated to your favorite bands.To attract more people, have a chat area on your website where people can talk about it.

-Make News from News
If you consider yourself to be a news junkie then go for something less filtered than traditional mainstream media. You can build a website and post your own customized news taken from publicly available feeds from trusted news providers such as BBC, AP, and others.

-Write for Yourself 
If you're good at creative writing then it's a wise idea to start a blog where you can write and post about anything you want, this way you can also attract monthly readers.

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